• The Spoids have invaded the planetary spectrum. We have received distress calls from the surrounding planets in our galaxy. In this epic and unique defense game, travel from planet to planet and control the defense systems against an endless swarm of Spoids. Can you stop the Spoids?
  • Indie game developed under co-owned studio: AirWave Games.
  • Shipped on Xbox 360 Indie Arcade and PC (Desura) in 2012.
  • See more at the Spoids Website.
  • Vote for it on Steam Greenlight!: Spoids Greenlight

Desura Digital Distribution

My Involvement:

  • Project manager and lead programmer.
  • Developed the underlying framework the game is built on.
  • In charge of game performance by use of profiling, pooling, and threading.
  • Programmed the visual effects and particle system.
  • Created the tower, enemy, and bullet logic.
  • Developed the menu interfaces.
  • Collaborated with the artist to convey the style of the game for the necessary assets.
  • Co-wrote the scripts that the voice actors read.
  • Voice acted four of the characters.